Jungle trekking in Cambodia is a great experience and Banlung trekking in the Northeast National Parks is the best. We can arrange anything from 1 and 2 day treks to 1 or 2 week in beautiful Ratanakiri.. There are two main areas for trekking in Ratanakiri, firstly, the Kalai Jungle and, secondly, Koh Peak.

Kalai Jungle

The Kalai Jungle is 25km from Banlung in O’ chum district. And can be reached in 40 mins. It is quite fexible as treks can be done in the wet or dry season. On the 1 hour drive there, we can see rubber and cashew nut trees and sweet potato as well as panoramic view of mountains and jungle.

Koh Peak

Koh Peak Village is 40km from Banlung in Vern Sai, a ihr 30 min drive from Banlung along the Seasan River. It is nearby Virachey National Park and is more mountainous than the Kalai jungle making it a little more challenging especially during the wet season.


While trekking you can learn many traditional cooking methods, such as how to make bamboo soup, discover traditional jungle medicine  and learn about the wild animals in the forest.

In the evenings we will share cultural storytelling around the fire before sleeping in US Army hammocks.

Our trekking prices include equipment, transportation, food, guide (english) and entrance fee:-


1 person per day and night––––––––-—–––=––––––––$90

2 or more people per day and night–––––––––––––––-$50 pp

Trekking with bamboo rafting for 1 person––––––––––-$150

  2 or more people––––––———————————––––––$80 pp

All prices are a guide only. Please contact with your individual requirements.