Sona Trekking offers opportunities for you to stay with tribal families in Banmai Village, which is located approximately 1 hour’s drive from Banlung close to Lumphat allowing you an inside look at their simple way of life.

Located on the banks of Sre Pork river, Banmai village is an ideal spot to experience all that a tribal village has to offer. There is beautiful wildlife and you will have the chance to catch fish in the river with a net.

Day 1

08.30 – depart from hotel, and drive to Lumphat to visit the abandoned city which is now a ghost town. We will explore the site where the US dropped bombs from 1973-1975. We will also visit the Royal Palace which was built in 1960 by Sihanouk and is now hidden in the jungle.

13.00 – we will go to the village to have lunch with the Banmai people.

15.00 – we will take a boat trip up the river which includes rapids and stop to swim by the waterfall.and then return to the village. We can also visit a farm to see the local agriculture.

19.00 – have dinner with your family followed by relaxation and conversation

Day 2

08.30 – We will have breakfast with local Banmai coffee

10.00 – We will say goodbye to the family and go directly to visit the Ka Chagn Waterfall resort

13.00 – Have lunch at the local market in Banlung

14.30 – We will go to Boeng Yeak Loam (Crater Lake) to relax, swim and enjoy

17.00 – Return to hotel